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Prediction Based Course
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What is Numerology?

Numerology is a divinatory art that helps in manifesting your dreams and goals. It focuses on the numerical value of the letters that form the words. It considers numbers as basic elements and depicts its relation with one or more coinciding events. It is also a pseudoscience and a very closed companion to astrology. It is strongly believed that the physical world is made up of energetic vibrations of numbers and an interconnectivity is seen between numbers and integers. Numerology depicts the relationship between numbers and letters that reveals the blue print of an individual’s life.




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Know Your Mentor

Mrs Khushboo Shokeen

Working relentlessly for 12 years , Khushboo Shokeen is one of the most popular names in the field of Tarot Cards, Numerology, Reiki Healing & Vastu Shastra. She loves to assist those in need with her in-depth knowledge of these subjects. Her dedication to these subjects and commitment towards the people in general has helped her achieve coveted titles like Jyotish Shiromani and Ank Jyotish Shiromani. She has also pursued her interest in Tarot Reading to the extent that she has been awarded the best Tarot Reader in Delhi in 2016.
When it comes to teaching, she is a mentor who not only will teach you these subjects to the core but also give you practical knowledge based on her experience so that you can start your career. She has taught thousands of students all across the globe. Most of them are practicing successfully as full time consultants. She teaches in a practical way with live predictions and analysis which helps you start your career soon after you finish the course. So if you wish to start your journey of this mystic world come join her!!
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Facts To Know Before Joining The Numerology Course!

Q1. What is Numerology?

Ans. Numerology is considered to be a divine art form that assists astrological inferences. It intends to reveal significance of certain numbers in the life of an individual and how these can impact and influence them. Date of Birth, wedding date, number calculated in the name and many others are believed to be mystically related to one or more events occurring in the lives of a person. More than one method exists for calculating the number that influences a person, which is the expertise chosen by the Numerological expert. Use ‘Numerology classes Near Me’ option in Google Search to find the one you get in tune with.

Q2. How can we use Numerology in our lives?

Numerology can be the answer to many of the questions that elude people. They are not aware of their own personality traits and what it could lead for the best. Not being able to decipher this for a long term can make people lost and wandering about their lives without a sense of purpose. Numerology can offer the keys to unlock these mysteries of life. Either enroll in an online Numerology course or take services from one. An expert in the art can help people find their purpose and pave way to their achievements and success.

Q3. Is it true that Numerology can also give negative results?

Just as any mystical science that goes about exploring the human potential on the scale of time, numerology is no different in trying to connect several dots. When you learn Numerology online, you know that any information that it reveals is based on the unique numbers that come up are just information. Negative and positive are just perceptions and how it’s used for personal or common good. There are certainly no ‘positive’ or ‘negative’ numbers so to say. However that doesn’t meant that karmic debts won’t impact you. You would then need to take certified numerologist course to address tough situations with solutions only best Numerology Experts can give you.

Q4. Is there any difference in studying face to face & online?

Except for the role of technology, nothing is really different. In fact many students have preferred the online version due to its many virtues. They loved the fact that they can save time of commuting even if being in the same city; and if not they can study from their comfort of the home. They can thus save on fooding and lodging that too in a new city for a short term course. Moreover, they get to access many things related to their study for a longer period of time being on the virtual world. Even those who feel shy can make the most of the online Numerology course being free of pressure of any kind.

Q5. Can I join more than one course simultaneously?

You can easily take up two courses at a time if you have made up your mind to be a professional reader of divine cues to help out people in need. However, the course that goes smoothly with the Numerology course is the Tarot Reading Course. Some mystic readers even claim it to be of great assistance when preparing an in depth analysis. Thus the answer to this question is a resounding ‘Yes’ with the only demand of your time and commitment.

Q6. Why should I enroll for online numerology course?

For those interested in studying about Numerology from experts who have given it their time, life and soul but are limited by distance, opting for an online version is for best. And the times of pandemic have underlined that the human urge to learn cannot be contained. In restrictions it only gets exponentially high. Harness the power of science and technology even if you cannot physically be there in the class. Thus learn a subject that you believe can open your mystical eye to let you see what’s invisible to the rest of the crowd and what better way would be there than to get the Numerology Classes online and be on the journey of a lifetime from the comfort of your home.

Q7. Which of the above numerology courses should I choose?

Different institutes offer somewhere around to 2 to 3 course to evolve you from a fresher to a professional numerologists if you plan to learn Numerology online or otherwise. However, our expert Mrs Khushboo Shokeen begs to differ on this regard. She believes that unless you intend on becoming an expert, do not enroll in any specific professional course. And we have designed the one with the needs and demands of a Numerology learner in mind. Our single course is sufficient to teach all the fine nuances of the subject and help the student gain insights to practice the art to achieve professional finesse over the years.

Q8. What is the qualification needed to become a numerologist?

No prior knowledge of the subject is required to just start out in the field. Your interest is the fuel needed to keep the fire of learning burning. Some courses might tell you an eligibility criteria of 10+2 for Basic Certificate Course and clearing the first level for the more advanced version of the same course. However this is not the case with Astrology Club since we focus our energies in only one course that is sought after only by the students serious enough to pursue Numerology professionally later.

Q9. Can I find numerology course near my locality? Can the course be done online?

With the Education Industry riding high on the wave of the Internet, no idea is far-fetched, not even learning Numerology even if you and your class is separated by hundred thousands of miles. Sure enough you can find course near your locality; just ask Google to do it for you. But if you are confident of an expert located far from you, online Numerology course is the way to go. The times of the COVID pandemic has merely made everyone to see this possibility taking shape on a grand scale.

Q10. How should I start learning numerology?

Like there are two kinds of students, there are two kinds of learning methodologies. For self-learners and those who are not bounded by time, numerous books, videos and articles are afloat in market and on the internet. But this methodology can be tiresome and can make people lose interest over time due to misdirection and lack of clarity on what to study and what to leave to become proficient and professional. So, getting enrolled in a guided professional Numerology course especially when taught by a well-versed teacher can prove to be life altering to those who are motivated enough to pursue it as a full-fledged career.

Q11. Is learning numerology a good career option?

Numerology is as good a career option as any. Passion always acts as a pre-cursor to mastering the skills needed to make an art form work as a profession, especially the mystical ones. These often draw raised eyebrows from the non-believers. However, there is no dearth of those who do and actively seek guidance from this mystical art to look deeper into their lives and find answers to several questions. So, if you are an ardent believer of Numerology, the career can not only be deeply gratifying but also pay you well while earning you some solid fan-following. Just get an either a regular or an online Numerology course from a renowned Certified Numerologist.

Q12. What will get included in the study material?

Personalized notes are created by the subject expert in which not only knowledge of the topics but the practical experience of the teacher is also condensed in the form of the notes. The collection of those notes form the study material. Students who have already passed the course seem to love these finding them very useful.

Q13. When will I receive my study material?

Once your enrollment into the course is accepted after filling up application form and receiving the numerology course fee, partial or full, your course material is emailed as a pdf. Only after you receive your study material will the online classes for Numerology be conducted for you.

Q14. Is there any installment facility?

The fee could be paid up in two installments; one at the beginning of the course and the second in the middle of the course.

Q15. Whom should I contact in case of any query?

All the queries are addressed in the live session and via email by the expert conducting classes. The best way to get your queries resolved is by putting them across during the live sessions while taking notes. That way everything stays fresh and the answers can be absorbed and correlated immediately with the lessons of the day. For everything else, emails are the way to go. These are often responded in a day or two.

Q16. How will a live class be held?

The platform for the live classes is Zoom. The details would be provided upon enrollment.

Q17. What is the duration of the courses?

The course duration is approx. 25 classes; with two classes per week. Duration of the classes is 1 hr.

Q18. What will be the class timings?

Class timings are flexible, depending on availability of the subject expert and the number of batches active at that time.

Q19. What if we are not able to attend a class due to an emergency?

Backups are created and offered if the classes get missed due to the unavailability of the teacher. If a student misses the class due to some emergency, the teacher can be communicated about it and the necessary arrangements could be made accordingly.

Q20. How long can I access the video recordings & notes?

The students own the study material sent to them. Rest of the reference material which is essentially digital can be accessed for 3 months from the date of the completion of the course.

Q21. Will there be practical & assignments?

Practical would be conducted during classroom session by handling unique case studies. These would be analyses and discussed for elaborate understanding of the nuances of the subject. Assignments also appear in the form of real life case studies for all the practical purposes.

Q22. How will the exam be conducted?

Exams are conducted face to face viva online and practical. For practical, a real life case study will be given for analysis in a fixed time and a report would have to be prepared. How far have you come in to learning Numerology online is thus reviewed.

Q23. Will I get a certificate? How do I receive the certificate after I finish the course? Is there any extra cost for it?

Once you pass the course, a certificate for the completion of course will be given in no extra charge. A digital copy of the Certificate will be issued in the name of the student and a physical copy will be sent via courier.

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